Deck and Patio Covers in Melrose Park, IL

Purchasing a home is one of the greatest investments for most homeowners. It represents your haven and rest from work. It's also a venue for friends and family get-togethers. Adding Deck and Patio covers to your home has multiple benefits to enhance your home and provide protection for your guests.

At All Style Awning Corp, we offer residential and commercial deck and patio covers. We also install them as carports to protect your vehicles from weather and sun damage. If you have additional space on the side of your home, we can install them as additional protection to other vehicles you own.

We are a certified dealer of Crest Aluminum patio covers.

Deck and Patio cover Photos


Benefits of Deck and Patio Covers

  • Provides shade and protection from sunlight
  • Protects furniture and vehicles from weather damage (rain, snow, wind, etc.)
  • Additional shade keeps the house cooler in the summer – more energy efficient
  • Adds color and elegance to your home
  • Increases your home value
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